Slide puppy in the garden Because they matter. We exist because we care so much about the bond you share with your pet. We feel a deep sense of compassion for the love you share, and your desire to protect your beloved companion. Because of that, we dedicate ourselves to excellence in everything we do, and are intent to truly push the limits of what exceptional veterinary care can accomplish. We believe where veterinary care can fall short is when you don’t look for the deeper roots of the problem, and treat the pet’s health and well-being more comprehensively. We aim to do just that. Because they matter, oh-so-much.

The Care They Need
From a team you can trust.
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What your neighbors say…

Great service. The front desk staff is friendly and efficient. My cat had a dental cleaning, and even with an extraction the total was less than the estimated bill. They took excellent care of him and kept me up to date with the beginning and completion of his surgery. Thankful that my pet was in such good hands!

The last few years we’ve slowly been adopting some stray cats from our area, and we’ve brought them to Tidmore. They’re gentle with our obviously scared cats, they know what they’re doing, and they don’t try to sell me stuff I can’t really afford. I appreciate that. I want the best for our animals, and I think Tidmore Vet is that.


I love this place! It’s AAHA approved and the staff is awesome. I rescued my dog, Maggie, and took her there because she had heartworms. They took care and really made sure I knew what to do in order to make her get better! Everyone is so nice and seems to care about animals.


I’ve used Tidmore’s the entirety of my pet owning life. They’ve seen me through everything from yearly vaccinations to a dog struck by a car and needing a leg essentially rebuilt. I can’t recommend them highly enough for their friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate service. I’m even willing to drive forty minutes from Ralph, AL to get there!


Have been a customer for many years and I am always pleased with the service I get here. The staff are always friendly and helpful and everyone there seems to genuinely love our pets! They have been especially kind with the animals that I have lost, sending a sweet sympathy card to me. Highly recommend!


nature pathway in the forest with sunlight Growth, Always We spend so much time thinking about improving what we do and how we do it. There is truly nothing more important to us than offering your pet the absolute best health care possible. Part of this emphasis is in being voracious learners – we are always abreast of new and innovative techniques and scientific knowledge. And part is also early adoption of cutting-edge tools, such as laser therapy, digital diagnostics, thermal imaging, and more. Foggy Wild Green Mountain Macro Deep Roots This community matters so much to us. We truly have put our roots down here. It’s where many of us were raised, it’s where we raise our children, and it’s the community we have chosen to dedicate our lives to. The people and pets here mean the world to us, and we want you to know that we always have your back. Young woman playing with her fox terrier in the forest You Matter Here, you are truly family. We have worked hard to build a team and a culture where you could truly feel at home. Where you can feel valued, heard, and understood. And where you could know that you are doing right by your pet. The bond we share with you is truly special to us, and we come in to work every day so that it can be special to you too.