Scratch That Itch: Finding Comfort for Allergic Pets

Allergens may never completely die off here in Alabama—they just change a little with the seasons. That means our pets can feel the itch of allergy symptoms year-round. Allergens are divided into four main groups: contact, environmental, food, and flea. Some pets suffer from all four, so it can be tricky to pinpoint their specific [...]

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Guide to Avoiding Pet Holiday Hazards

Packed full of merriment, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But, nothing spoils the festivities quite like a trip to an emergency veterinarian for a catastrophe that could have been easily prevented. With all the stress of planning holiday gatherings and extra decorations, guests, food, and treats upsetting the routine in [...]

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Southern Bugs: The Importance of Year-Round Parasite Prevention

Here in Northport, we enjoy temperatures that rarely drop below freezing. But in exchange, we have to deal with parasites that can live and spread disease all year long. Since fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes flourish in our warm weather, year-round protection is critical to keeping pets healthy and parasite-free. Why is it important to prevent [...]

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