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How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears

Cleaning your pet's ears is essential to keeping them healthy and happy. Regular ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections and other ear-related issues that can cause your pet discomfort and pain, so pet owners need to know when and how to clean their pet's ears. Tidmore Veterinary Hospital knows this isn’t always an easy [...]

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Red Flags in Rover: Pet Health Signs That Require Veterinary Attention

The last thing you want for your four-legged friend is pain or illness. Changes in a pet's physical health can sometimes be subtle, so you need to learn how to recognize these changes such as physical cues, demeanor, or behavior inconsistencies. Understanding these cues can help you intervene early and ensure your pet gets the [...]

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Heartworm Disease: A Year-Round Problem for Pets

Heartworm infection is often considered a summertime illness, but this potentially life-threatening disease can strike your pet any time of year. This serious condition affects mostly dogs but has been diagnosed in cats and other small mammals. Caused by parasitic worms called Dirofilaria immitis, heartworm disease is contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito [...]

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Household Hazards: Surprising Items that Could Poison Your Pet

Learning that their pet has consumed a toxic item is a nightmare for many pet owners, but unfortunately, this situation is a common occurrence. Like human children, pets are curious and explore the world by putting things in their mouths, which can lead to serious harm if they choose a toxic object. The Tidmore Veterinary [...]

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Detecting Periodontal Disease in Pets

Your pet's oral health is intimately tied to their overall well-being. Often overlooked, periodontal disease is a common condition in pets that can lead to discomfort and serious health problems. If your pet’s periodontal disease is in the early stages, you may easily miss dental health changes because they are subtle, or you may consider [...]

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Holiday Pet Hazards: A Room-by-Room Analysis

Many pet owners enjoy decorating their homes for the holidays. Unfortunately, owning pets means that sometimes you can’t have the things you want, or you must think carefully about where to place them. Pets are naturally curious, and they will investigate new items in their space, regardless of their potential harm. Most of our four-legged [...]

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe On Thanksgiving

Holiday gatherings are a wonderful time to spend with friends and family, especially when mouthwatering food is involved. As you plan your Thanksgiving feast and festivities, keep your pet in mind. After all, you want all your family members present, four-legged ones included. For a peaceful Thanksgiving celebration that you can count among your blessings, [...]

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5 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting celebration for many people. The season is an opportunity for fun activities, such as dressing up in crazy costumes, trick-or-treating, and enjoying time with friends, but the holiday can be dangerous for your pet. Our Tidmore Veterinary Hospital team doesn’t want your Halloween interrupted by a veterinary emergency, so we are [...]

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10 Reasons Your Pet’s Eating and Drinking Habits May Change

Cats and dogs are generally creatures of habit, and the smallest change in their daily routine can be distressing. As a pet owner, you must be aware of your pet’s seemingly infinitesimal changes, as subtle abnormalities can indicate a major problem.  Some of the most noticeable clues indicating your pet has an underlying health issue [...]

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