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Our Top 5 Secrets to Ensure Your Puppy’s Success

Few things are as exciting as bringing home a new puppy. From choosing the perfect name, to enjoying the constant cuddles, and looking forward to lifelong companionship, what’s not to love? Raising a puppy surely brings amazing rewards and the path through puppyhood—and all of its ups and downs—is 100% worth it. To ensure your [...]

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5 Surprising Facts About Your Pet’s Dental Health

February is our favorite month, but not because we celebrate our love for our pets on Valentine’s day. February is also National Pet Dental Health Month—a month dedicated to educating pet owners about the importance of maintaining their pets’ oral health. While you may think your pet’s dental health is up to par—after all, they [...]

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3 Ways to Help Keep Your Senior Pet Safe During Thanksgiving

While puppies and kittens are known for their penchant for mischief, senior pets can also find themselves in dangerous situations, especially during hectic holiday seasons. Whether they’re suffering from cognitive dysfunction, organ disease, or stress caused by an over-the-top celebration, your older pet needs extra care to remain safe and happy during holidays. Cater to [...]

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Set Your Pet Up for Halloween Success with a Weight Management Plan

With Halloween rapidly approaching to kick off the holiday season, we all know what’s coming—the dreaded holiday weight gain. Pets, like people, are prone to packing on a few extra pounds over the holidays when an abundance of mouth-watering goodies spill from dishes and tables. Again, like people, pets can quickly develop weight-related health issues [...]

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5 Ways to Show Your Pet Extra TLC During Quarantine

Despite having adapted to the new normal amid COVID-19, these are stressful times. Everyone in your household is likely feeling the strain, including your pet. Although you may assume that your furry family member loves having you home all day, any schedule change can cause her stress and anxiety. While you manage Zoom meetings and [...]

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