How would you like to have yearly vaccines and exam, a year’s worth of heart worm preventative and flea protection?

We are accepting donations for the month of December to Callie’s Place, a non profit pet rescue here in Tuscaloosa. They take in unwanted pets and ones that have been deemed un adoptable due to illness or injury, take care of them and find them homes.

Any Donation to Callie’s Place will enter you into a drawing to receive one of your pet’s yearly exams, yearly vaccines, fecal exams, heartworm tests, 12 months of heartworm preventative, and 12 months of flea/tick preventative at Tidmore Veterinary Hospital.

We will be giving away five of these for five pets.

Multiple donations will enter you in multiple times. Donate once daily as often as you want.

The drawing will be help at the end of December

Good Luck and thank you for your donations to Callie’s Place.

Thank you for your help! See below for more information…


Callie’s Place is a part of UR FED FOUDATION a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to Callie’s Place are tax deductible for income tax purposes and your donations will go 100% for the benefit of local dogs and cats in need.

Holiday wish list:

Dry puppy and dog food Cleaning supplies (bleach based)

Dry kitten and cat food Lysol spray

Dog and cat treats Paper towels and Disinfectant wipes

Canned dog food Bleach

Canned cat food Dawn dishwashing liquid


Leashes Blankets

Dog and cat collars (all sizes) Bath towels

Puppy training pads Cedar shavings

Dog and cat beds

Stainless steel dog and cat bowls (all sizes) Shelving and plastic buckets

Large plastic storage containers

Wire crates (all sizes both new or used in good condition) Cat litter

Pet taxis (all sizes both new or used in good condition) Cat litter boxes

Dog houses (all sizes both new or used in good condition)

Gift cards from local retailers that can be used for needed supplies (example Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart,

Tractor Supply)

Cash donations accepted as well towards payment on account for vet bills (see front desk for information).

Checks also accepted payable to Callie’s Place (see front desk for information)