In this issue we:

  • Discuss dog bite prevention
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day and Memorial Day
  • Learn the true risk of a hot car
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Dog Bite Prevention Week – May 15-20

As a country, there is no doubt that we love our dogs.

However, living peacefully with dogs (and especially with dogs and children) requires some education and some training.

The infographic to the right shows some alarming statistics.

Did you know?

  • 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year
  • 1 in 5 of those people require medical attention
  • half of those people are children
  • children are more likely to be severely injured
  • most bites occur during everyday activities

The American Veterinary Medical Association has produced a brochure for pet owners to help educate and inform the dog-owning public (and, really, everyone who comes in contact with dogs, which is… everyone) about preventing dog bites.

A full-size copy of the infographic can be found here (or by clicking on the graphic itself).

Happy Mother’s Day!

A shot out to all the mothers out there (whether you have human children or furbabies or both).

We appreciate you, and so do your little ones (even if they don’t always show it).

Have a great Mother’s Day!

And Dad, just a reminder here – Mother’s Day is May 8, just a week away…

How Dangerous is a Hot Car, Really?

We talk about the dangers of heat stress and heat stroke, but you’re only going into the store for a few things. How hot can it possibly get?

A colleague of ours from North Carolina, Dr. Ernie Ward (you may have seen him on the Rachel Ray Show) decided to find out for himself, and closed himself in a car for 30 minutes. It’s OK, though, because he cracked the windows. Right??

Please, take the 5 minutes to watch this. And please, share this video with everyone you know. It is important information!

Remembering our Fallen Veterans

We will be closed on Monday, May 30, in observation of Memorial Day. We will be open for our normal hours on Saturday, May 28.

Memorial Day was founded as a holiday for rememberance of those who have died while serving in America’s armed forces since the Civil War.

A few Memorial Day tips:

  • No barbeque for the dogs!
  • Travel safely, with or without your pets.
  • Pay attention to the heat, and keep yourself and your dogs hydrated.

If you plan to board your dogs with us for this beginning-of-summer holiday, please make your reservations early (like now)!


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