7 Effective Tactics To Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Halloween often brings pets stress and anxiety. With increased attention on all things creepy and terrifying, pets are on edge and easily spooked, and pet owners are left to combat the stressful triggers that haunt their furry companions. This year, Tidmore Veterinary Hospital has seven tactics that pet owners can use to protect their pets [...]

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Top 9 Signs Your Pet is in Pain

Our furry companions are well-known for their stoic personalities, complaining about nothing more than an empty food bowl or too few ear scratches. But, that charming aspect of animal behavior can be detrimental to their health. By not cluing us in to feelings of pain and discomfort, pets can silently suffer for far too long [...]

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High-Tech Protection Against Heartbreak: The Benefits of Microchipping Pets

With technological advancements, we can provide an even higher quality of care to our beloved pets. Medical and scientific breakthroughs aid in pets living longer and healthier lives, while technology ensures pet owners and pets find each other when lost. Microchip technology is a benefit for pet and owner relationships, allowing heartfelt reunions around the [...]

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Top 5 Conditions Helped by Veterinary Acupuncture

When your pet is in pain or experiencing a chronic medical condition, you may wonder if you’re doing everything possible to maintain your four-legged family member’s quality of life. If you feel you’ve exhausted the limits of conventional medical therapy, give us a call to discuss some alternative treatments.  At Tidmore Veterinary Hospital, we offer [...]

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Straight to the Heart: The Facts About Heartworm Disease in Pets

Heartworm. The word itself does not sound good, which is appropriate, because although heartworm disease is common, it can be fatal if left untreated. The best way to avoid heartworms is to understand the disease, burst the common misconceptions that surround the illness, and to protect your pet. Here are some questions and answers to [...]

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5 Facts Every Pet Owner Should Know About House and Garden Toxins

Inside your home, garage, and garden are a plethora of potential hazards and toxins that could prove extremely dangerous to your pet. Read on for some important facts to consider regarding home and garden toxins.  Fact #1: Human medications are the most commonly reported pet poison According to the American Society for the Prevention of [...]

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The Key to a Healthy, Happy Pet: Preventive Medicine

As every pet owner knows, the lives of cats and dogs are too short. However, a preventive medicine regimen can help our beloved companions live long and healthy lives. Like people, pets benefit from routine physical exams, wellness testing, and other forms of preventive medicine. The days of stepping foot inside a veterinary clinic only [...]

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Pet Behaving Badly? Common Behavioral Issues and Training Solutions

Barking, scratching, digging, inappropriate elimination—behavioral issues are one of the driving reasons pets are surrendered to animal shelters. Many of these pet behaviors are normal, but we humans don’t appreciate our dog alerting us to a squirrel’s every movement, or a cat practicing nail care on our new leather sofa. To peacefully live together, we [...]

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